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Amber is a very proactive leader, that motivates her Teams in a very positive and energetic manner. Amber is in a constant search for solutions to the problems that arise on any given day. Amber’s an individual that will execute a plan when accepted and produce strong results.

Jorge Suarez //Senior Manager, Digital Risk

"Amber demonstrated excellent customer service and leadership skills that helped Radian complete its loan investigations. Amber is always there for any question or issue that may arise and handles these questions quickly and professionally."

Doug Thomas // Manager, Post Closing, Radian

"Amber Parr is an immeasurable asset to anyone... Her organizational skills and dedication helped grow our company from 1 office to 17 offices in a relatively short period of time. She was instrumental to our growth and success." 

Richard Sloan// President& CEO, Sloan Mortgage Group

A natural leader and learning enthusiast, Amber Parr is passionate about improving professional environments through thoughtful leadership. With more than a decade of Management and Executive Leadership experience in the Banking and Finance industry, Amber has managed more than 400 people throughout her career, directly and secondarily. 

In her experience as an Advisory Services Manager, she had the pleasure of partnering with Lenders, Mortgage Insurance companies, and Government Sponsored Enterprises to provide time critical solutions to client needs.

In addition to managing strategic partnerships throughout her career, Amber was often encouraged to mentor employees and other Leaders.  This is where her true passion existed, and the decision was made to turn her passion for Management Solutions and Leadership Development into Lead Proud Consulting, LLC.

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